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danse.tense Techno Song
Slap-stick Western Opening Country Song
Mighty Bear 7 - Pioneer New Wave Song
Might Bear 7 - Ring Nebula New Wave Song
The Beginning World Song
Dilana Mansion Video Game Loop
What Once was - Everbrough Video Game Loop
The Imperial City Video Game Loop
Towering Glades Video Game Loop
Dragon Blossom Solo Instrument Loop
Aer Ruins -The Ruins Among The Video Game Loop
Scarlett Isle Cinematic Loop

2014 Submissions

Humanity's End Video Game Loop
Mega Blaster Video Game Song
The Divinity Theme Ambient Loop
The Robot Miscellaneous Song
A Heart Alight (Hiro's Theme) Video Game Song
A Brave Soul Video Game Loop
A Hero's Pain (A Past Dream) Video Game Loop
Arabian Nights World Theme World Loop
To The Death Video Game Loop
I Could Not Save You Video Game Loop
I Will Not Forget You Classical Loop
The Crystal Caves 2 Video Game Loop
Circuit Break by Chiplove Dance Song
Student News Cast Outroduction Miscellaneous Song
Student News Cast Introduction Miscellaneous Song
From Now on Video Game Song
Aryll's Theme Classical Song
Treasure Hunter Video Game Loop
E Blues Fun Video Game Song
The Challenge Video Game Song
RPG Music: A Hero's Pain Video Game Loop
RPG Music: The Frontier Video Game Song
RPG Inspired Music: Shop Theme Video Game Song
Mega Man: Ending Credits Video Game Song
Mega Man: Boss Battle Video Game Song
Mega Man: Final Stage Video Game Song
Mega Man: Level 2 Video Game Song
Mega Man: Level 1 Video Game Song
Mega Man: Start Screen Video Game Song
Mega Man: Stage Select Video Game Song